Jagged Alliance 3 Launch to Consoles on November 16

November 3, 2023 by Alex Novichenko

THQ Nordic’s flagship strategy title for the year, Jagged Alliance 3, is slated to land in the console gaming arena on November 16th, marking a fresh chapter for the storied franchise. A key question from the community has been how the intricate turn-based mechanics will fare in a console environment, particularly in terms of the controller's user experience.

A comprehensive gameplay video has been released to address these curiosities, offering an in-depth look at how Jagged Alliance 3 can be navigated with the precision of a console controller, breaking away from the traditional reliance on PC’s mouse and keyboard. This visual walkthrough is an open invitation for gamers to discover the new tactical possibilities that consoles bring to the series.

Jagged Alliance 3 stays true to its roots, immersing players in a complex narrative set against the backdrop of Grand Chien, a nation thrown into disarray by the sudden disappearance of its president and the subsequent rise of a military faction known as "The Legion." In a bid to reclaim control, the presidential family enlists the help of "Adonis Corporation" to recruit a band of skilled mercenaries to uncover the president's whereabouts and bring stability back to their land. This latest installment promises to blend the beloved hardcore strategy elements with the immersive storytelling that fans expect, all on the new frontier of console gaming.